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Restorative Yoga

Nov 5th, 2015

Category: Body

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga (also known Yin Yoga) is a different style of yoga than your traditional flow (vinyasa) or Hatha style practice. Restorative Yoga, as the name suggests, is all about restoring the body. In a restorative yoga class, gentle poses are held for long periods of time, some up to and 2e71cb44d5b5cf8faab92ca950d19bb7
more than 5 minutes long. Props like blankets, pillows, blocks, straps and eye masks are all apart of the experience and are used to help the body sink into stillness and truly relax. Instead of seeing how far you can stretch, you simply find the position that is comfortable enough for you to hold for minutes at a time and let gravity do the rest. By allowing the body to stretch in such a fashion, the connective tissues get a chance to repair and gently be stretched out. The body will not have a difficult time relaxing and will almost think of the practice as adult nap time.

Restorative yoga is not all about the
body however, as the greatest challenge comes with dealing with the mind. In this practice, you have to try to connect the breath and body and you have to try to  silence our often stirring mind. This can surprisingly be very difficult in restorative yoga as the body’s position is not changing and therefore is not keeping us preoccupied. Because of its nature, restorative yoga is a1db56b3dd503cfcd7626509cbf9d27fin many ways a more meditative style of yoga.

With the busy lives that we live within our society, we often times find ourselves feeling drained and off balance. Restorative yoga is a truly amazing way to help revitalize your mind, body, and spirit.