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Fun Family Workouts for the COVID-19 Recovery

Jul 10th, 2020

Category: Body

Fun Family Workouts for the COVID-19 Recovery

Article By:

Anya Willis

Fitkids.info | anya.willis@fitkids.info

Staying in shape during the COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging for everyone. With the pandemic putting the rhythms of daily life on pause for several months, you and your kids may be feeling relieved that you can spend time in outdoor public spaces again. If you want to spend more time working out as a family, these resources will help you make exercising a household habit, both indoors and outdoors!


Exercise Equipment for the Family

You can exercise without any equipment at all, but it’s more fun with the right gear! Plus, you’ll be able to try out a wider variety of workouts.

  • The right yoga mat is useful for everything from stretching to core workouts to strength training.
  • Buying just one set of dumbbells can open up new workout possibilities.
  • If your gym is still closed, it’s time to create your own home gym!


Indoor Family Workouts

You and your family may feel safer exercising indoors for now. You don’t have to leave your house to break a sweat!

  • Create a yoga flow that your kids can follow by teaching them these basic yoga poses.
  • People of all ages can build muscle with these simply bodyweight exercises.
  • Need more inspiration for fun new workouts, or a little extra guidance while you exercise? Try “attending” virtual fitness classes!


Safely Exercising Outdoors

Currently, public health recommendations vary state by state, but you can finally enjoy the great outdoors again with your family!

  • Young kids will have so much fun doing a backyard obstacle course that they won’t even think of it as exercise!
  • Beaches may be open in your area. If so, these safety tips will help you enjoy a day in the sun with your family.
  • You can also take your family for a hike. Just follow these precautions as you hit the trails.


Adjust to Healthy Routines

In order to build up your strength and resilience, you need to lay the groundwork with routines that help your family make the right decisions for their health.

  • Choose nutritious foods for meals and snacks, and encourage your kids to pick healthier treats over sugary desserts.
  • Create a structured morning routine that helps you start each day on the right side of the bed.
  • With a great nighttime routine, your whole family will sleep soundly and wake up energized.


Since the beginning of the pandemic, every family has faced some stressful times. But exercising will definitely benefit your mental health! Now that you can head outdoors to stretch your legs again, you and your family can work out inside or outside and get a little variety in your usual routines.


Photo via Pexels