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Finding Happiness
Healthy Lifestyle
Unexpected Bonds in unexpected places

Jul 16th, 2016

Category: Body

Unexpected Bonds in unexpected places

Chris is 6’3”, 220 lbs.

He wears a black do-rag, double striped track pants and a white sleeveless shirt revealing his 19-inch tatted biceps. Bronx born and raised, he earns a living co-managing a pizza parlor.
Eva is 5’3”, 115 lbs.
She wears black shorts and a purple Victoria Secret top. Amy is a private school bred trust fund baby whose “fashion” paycheck isn’t covering her handbag obsession, let alone the $9000/month rent bill.
At what crossroads in life do these two become friends? Or even get the chance to meet each other?
The corner bar? Unlikely.
The DMV? Doubt it.
The gym brings people together that simply wouldn’t meet in the real world. Something about the atmosphere makes the invisible borders that guide our real life interactions (class, status, race) nonexistent in the gym.
The gym is a place where a high school drop-out and PhD learn from each other. Where a 24 year old meathead and 77 year old retiree can joke and laugh and intellectualize and trash talk. It’s a place where outcasts are welcome. The lost souls find themselves. Barbells and comradery replace the leather chair and stuffy therapist. It’s a place where men and women learn more about themselves than school or work or plopped near the television. It’s a place where broken hearts go to heal, tiny muscles go to grow and confused minds develop toughness and clarity.
The gym is a special community. People are open and friendly. They help each other. Veterans help rookies. Girls help guys. Rich help poor, and poor help rich. Money doesn’t matter. Status doesn’t matter. Gays help straights. Christians help Muslims. And deep squatters help everyone else avoid the smith machine.
Who you are in the outside world simply does not matter.
Maybe it’s the endorphin’s. Maybe it’s the shared love of chalk and iron. Maybe it is the pre-existing understanding that you and your company are striving for a better life. I’m not sure about the why. And it doesn’t matter – it just is.
As for Chris and Eva, nah, they never did run off into the sunset and make beautiful mixed race babies. But they were open to one another, learned a few things, shared a few laughs and each gained a friend.
The gym is my breath of fresh air in a polluted concrete jungle.
Within the walls of a gym you are given so many options to express yourself or find yourself whether it be through dance with Zumba or feel the runner’s high on the cardio equipment; maybe that’s not your thing, maybe you enjoy exhausting yourself seeing how much weight you can push yourself to lift, whatever you choose just know there are options to create yourself a healthy lifestyle along with personals to help you along the way (life coaches, personal trainers, massage therapists, acupuncturist).
Summer is here and we all must be aware of the heat waves that we experience along with the air quality, please do not try and think you have some super human powers that make you immune to Mother Nature and try to perform physical activity during peeking hours of the sun. Be safe and smart, stay hydrated and go to your local health facility to complete any physical training during extremely hot days.

Come on down to Morefit Health Club and meet the newest addition to the Morefit Team!

Mateusz Radziszewski

Mateusz joined the Morefit team in 2016 and has over 10 years of physical training experience, four of which were spent in the U.S. Army. From a young age Mateusz loved to stay active and be outdoors – be it camping, hiking, swimming or just running around the yard. This active lifestyle led him to play sports like baseball and basketball. Mateusz joined the Army out of High School and during this time is where he discovered his passion for staying physically fit. His ability to motivate and encourage fellow soldiers to push themselves further and harder was unmatched – even overseas, during his 14 month tour in Iraq, his motivation was unmoved. Mateusz has completed several 5K races and obstacle courses such as – The BlumShaprio 5K at Travels TPC, Corey’s Catsup & Mustard 5K in Manchester, a Warrior Dash/Mud Run and the dreaded Tough Mudder in Vermont.
Mateusz’s focus now is to share his experience and knowledge to help others attain their physical fitness goals. Along with this new focus, Mateusz continues gaining knowledge by furthering his education and experience through his participation and involvement in fitness activities.


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