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Finding Happiness
Healthy Lifestyle
New Year New You!

Jan 3rd, 2016

Category: Body

New Year New You!

Another year has passed and resolutions were made, conquered, broken, repeated, attempted, you name it but can you say you’ve successfully stuck to yours? It’s okay to fall off the wagon just as long as you have the motive to get back on! Don’t dread making a resolution for the year, make it fun and worth while. I’ll tell you how it’s possible to make a resolution and stick with it!

Plan ahead, with anything in life really, but when it comes to your new years resolution really think about what certain aspects in your life you would like to change for the better. Try not to make this decision on the spot, otherwise it does not become as important to you which will result in loss of interest in really perception elderlykeeping up with it.

Go big or go home is not suggested! When deciding your new years resolution be reasonable, for example if you are thinking about changing your lifestyle when it comes to food do not immediately eliminate all your past habits and create new ones. Take your time with it, you have a full year to accomplish this. Say your food lifestyle consists of eating complete junk, each month take a food group and work on it. For one month you will work on eliminating sweets out of your diet and replacing it with fruit then the next month slowly transition from bad carbs to good carbs (there is such a thing!).

Take it day by day, if you mess up one day that does not mean your whole resolution is destroyed and you should give up. If possible, realize your mistake, find out how you can prevent it from happening again, and encourage yourself that tomorrow is a new day.

Support! It’s all around you and I’m sure you are more than willing to help a family or friend out. If you are feeling as if you need encouragement, a push, a refresher of why you are doing this go ahead and turn to someone for support. A support can help just by talking to you about the difficulties you might be going through and they can even give an insight of an easier way of doing it also do not be afraid to ask someone to hop on the wagon with you. An example would be recruiting a gym buddy.

11037178_840018382714700_5976173803119826172_nOnce you start seeing the changes you wanted to see for so long, things get easier from here. Everything you do turns into a habit and you will start you realize you dread it less and look forward to becoming a better you! Just remember to be patient, everything takes time to grow.

Just be moreFIT.

Wishing you much happiness and health for this upcoming year! Stay Strong!

Happy New Year!

The moreFIT Team