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Finding Happiness
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How To Stay In Peak Condition

Mar 26th, 2016

Category: Body

How To Stay In Peak Condition

Either you are an athlete, weekend warrior or not, your body has its good days and bad. I can guarantee that 940c369dafc3f16524ec6fdc16de7edcsometimes you felt like you can conquer the world and other days you can’t even imagine stepping out of bed. As long as you understand your “weak days” are only a temporary part of life, you will be able to push yourself and hit the highest point of your condition. Just be clear about your peak conditions. Our peak is different when we’re in our 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s, 70s following. Understand that and never compare yourself to others.

I don’t care how much you can lift or for how long you can run. I care about how you feel when approaching your everyday tasks, how much energy you have to be alive, how you deal with stress and how often you pump yourself with prescribed or illegal drugs and chemicals.

Real strength comes from within; however the physical body needs to be in balance with the mind to be able to face everyday challenges. We all need to keep up or improve our balance, speed, strength or flexibility. We all need to 01b87572fac07e496d981ea4674f1dadwork our weaknesses to be able to achieve our peak. When working out, don’t push your muscles only. Create exercises that challenge the mind as well as the body, train reaction time and hand-eye coordination. Pick up your tempo and keep the pace. Keep the heart rate up during the workout. You don’t need to train all day. Have an intense 45-60 minutes session every other day. Get in, do your work, and then recover. Diversify your program and avoid common mistakes. Don’t put too much emphasis on big weights. Take a rest between sets, interval your exercises and work on your conditioning. Do total body training and conditioning, which will improve the appearance of your entire body and overall feeling. Don’t focus on the iron only. Use different tools for training such as medicine balls, stability balls, BOSU, TRX, bars. Don’t over train. Many injuries and disappointments in performance happen because of too little rest and too much emphasis on the same muscle groups. Be consistent with your nutrition. Nutrition and proper hydration 8b20eed42c44d39821270e68e2508fcafuels everything and is essential for good health. Get enough sleep. No sleep means no rest and no growth. You need to be eating right, sleeping right, and training consciously to stay in good condition.

Movement is essential to good health. Our body was designed to move, work and rest in between. Our mind needs to follow that order. It’s a great formula to start and stay consistent with to move in the right direction. Only then you will stay in peak condition for your age and live a happy and healthy life.

Happy Easter!



Changes in this week’s class schedule! Please note Benji will be teaching the Tuesday Midday Yoga at 11a and he will be teaching Sunrise Yoga on Thursday’s at 7am! Also note that Tight and Tone with Klaudia will be switched back to it’s original time 4:30-5:30pm.

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