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Dieting Uncensored

Jul 11th, 2015

Category: Body

Dieting Uncensored

Here we are summer time; all your hard work during winter and spring has paid off. The crash diets, the hard workouts in the gym and even the few classes you attended; you look great! Then why is it that all your hard work is starting to not pay off? The weight you worked so hard to get off is coming back on and insalmon asparg full force, your toned body is slowly becoming flabby, so what now what is the underlining cause of this devastating chaos?


One word, DIET(S). They simply don’t work; I don’t understand why people feel the need to put themselves through misery just to look good (or so they think they look good) for a few days when they complete the diet.Yes, diets work if you are thinking short term goals but be aware once you finish your diet and return to your regular routine, whether it be normal exercise and food consumption or no exercise and regular food consumption, you will gain all or if not more of the weight back.


By restricting yourself to certain foods and fluids, if not knowledgeable of food nutrients, you are depriving yourself from nutrients your body needs in order to function. For an example let’s take the Atkins diet; the Atkins restricts your body of consumption of no carbohydrates but intake of more protein and regular salad tar tarintake of fats. The pros of this diet is that the lack of carbohydrates will slim your tummy down (temporary) along with regular to low consumption of fat and high protein. The cons of this diet; carbs are very important to our bodies, it is our highest form of energy that our bodies use as fuel. Once you finish the diet and return to your normal consumption of carbs, proteins and fats you will instantly gain back the weight and look even more bloated in the abdominal area due to the fact of depriving your body of what it needs.


I hope you’re now wondering what you can do to see the resulting you are looking for without the consequences, well the only diet you should be thinking about and undergoing is the long term diet of eating healthy. Eat balanced meals with an abundance amount of fruits and veggies; make sure you monitor your intake of carbs, fats and proteins but don’t deprive yourself of anything. If you are craving something it is okay to have a small sample or slice to satisfy yourself but do not eat the whole box of cookies or tub of ice cream, everything is okay in moderation! Make sure your consumption of food is done with ingredients roasted veggiesthat are most natural, do your grocery shopping on the perimeter of the store. Try to stay away from the aisle in the middle of the store that contain packaged foods, even though the packaged foods might label their products all natural or low fat doesn’t mean it is healthy. Products with such labels are just created with more chemicals that our body does not recognize and will not properly digest. Your best bet is to try shopping at local farmers markets this way you are guaranteed the freshest products with the least amount of sprayed chemicals along with helping small businesses.

Also don’t forget a great workout can be absolutely ruined with what you put into your body for fuel. You are what you eat so don’t be fast, cheap or fake!


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