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What an Experience!

Aug 27th, 2016

Category: Body

What an Experience!


I would like to share my exciting Olympic experience with you, but first I need to thank all of my supporters. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I cannot say it enough, thank you all. I want to thank my beautiful and loving family for keeping up with ambitious goals, and for always willing to jump right in and help anyway possible; be it at home or the club.

I want to thank everyone, besides my family, for their generosity, moral support and encouragement; all factors that made this journey possible. Out of the some odd 11,000 Physical and Massage therapist applications from all over13920910_1081622918599502_2162589691806356461_n the world that applied to volunteer, only 600 applicants were selected and I was one of them! This adventure was a very significant part of my life and you all helped me achieve my goal, so one more time, THANK YOU ALL!!

My Olympic Journey started two years ago when I filled out my application and agreed to volunteer my time and skills for the greatest games and participating athletes in the world. A year ago my interview process started and I had no idea till the end of March that I was selected. For the next few weeks I was waiting to hear from the Olympic committee about my schedule and area of work. Finally, in mid-May, I was notified and I could start to plan my physical being in Brazil which took place between August 5th and 21st.

I had the opportunity to work with the volunteers from all over the world. In the Olympic Village, where I worked the 13903273_1085688858192908_4628641476108987773_nmost, I met and worked on athletes from diverse countries and varied sport disciplines. It was incredible to see and feel the energy of the whole planet in the one Village. It was unbelievable to work on such athletic bodies, bodies with zero body fat percentage, so tense before competition and so tired after races. It was beautiful to hear their short life stories, stories about their struggles and victory. They all worked so hard and for me they are all victories with or without medals.

In my short free time, I also had an opportunity to see Rio de Janerio and get familiar with life in this part of Brazil. I have to say, that was more chaotic than life in New York City. Those who know me, know that I don’t mind big cites but I would never live in them. I can guarantee you that I would never move to Rio. Don’t take me wrong, this city can offer a lot but doesn’t offer the feeling of freedom. I saw the best, the worst and everything in between in this city and I will miss only the weather, sunrises and beautiful beaches.

I always put emphasize on the good food in our life, so I was excited to try the different cultured food in Br13921173_1081618481933279_4058166964400597612_nof those who sit around me. They also drink a lot of beer, most likely, to eliminate the taste of salt after the meal. Needless to say, people get old very quickly there. I guess the grass is not always greener on the other side.

In the next few days I will work on a slide show from my trip. We will play this presentation at the desk and I will schedule a small talk about my journey soon. This way I will be able to share more details with you. Stay tuned! For now, I’m glad to be back home. I’m happy to jump to work with all my clients and I appreciate your willingness to work with me.

Thank you again and see you soon at Morefit.

Maryla Radziszewski, Health Coach, LMT, CPT



Another great week! First, we just want to say great job everyone with pushing yourselves and staying focused, now enjoy the weekend and this nice weather!!14102985_1078826352199294_5451924774987820763_o

Second, as many of you know, Maryla is back from RIO and she has her uniform and mementos on display at the club, come down and check them out!! We should have her photos up soon as well, we will most likely be playing a slide show at the desk – stay tuned.

Saving the best for last, WE’RE HAVING AN AUCTION!! Maryla has brought back some items to auction off, the auction will start Monday 8/29 and run until Friday 9/09 with the winner being determined on Saturday 9/10. We have a blue Powerade sports bottle and a multi-color beach/soft-cloth clutch.

Any member is welcome to join the auction! The minimum opening bid is 10 push-ups, 10 air squats and 10 full sit-ups – we will be using a points per repetition system and the one who has the most points wins their choice of item!! Note that bids must be placed at the club and witnessed by a Morefit Rep – you can bid up to twice a day so come down and get your bids in!!

Let us know if you have any questions.

Thanks again for all the support and hard work, stay healthy!!