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Finding Happiness
Healthy Lifestyle

Jul 19th, 2014

Category: Body


Doesn’t matter where you are in your life, now is the time to look at life from a fresh perspective, toss out the old ways of doing things and feel free to create a whole new world. But “creating a whole new world” does sound like a lot to take on, doesn’t it? It’s even scarier if you have no idea how to start the new beginning.
Well, don’t be intimidated. We will help you with it — just remember to take baby steps over the next few months. We’re just at the beginning of a profound period of change, and it will only happen person-by-person, one small change at a time.

It’s time to face our fears and change the things that aren’t working so we can become who we really want to be. So if you’re in a bad shape, stuck in a routine you don’t like, living sedentary life that doesn’t feel right or spending time with the wrong people, pay attention. Make the needed changes!

Break up, make up, move or do whatever you need to do to shake it up and move on to something better. In other words, get real about what you want, be brave, be mature and start the change now.
Come and join us FOR ONE HOUR BOOT CAMP we host at Day Pond State Park, Colchester.

LEVEL 1 (Beginners)
Every Monday – 9am
Every Wednesday – 6pm

LEVEL 2 (Advanced)
Every Thursday – 6pm
Every Saturday – 7.30 am

(Rain or shine unless severe thunderstorm/down pours, rain dates will be discussed)

-Members of Morefit LLC
1 x week for 10 weeks = $40
2 x week for 10 weeks = $80
1 x week for 10 weeks = $80
2 x week for 10 weeks = $160

($10 for drop in per class)

Come in workout clothes and bring out door sneakers. Classes will begin on time no exceptions! We will not be giving a 5 minute window for the stragglers so prepare to be 5 minutes early to each class!

*If you choose to buy a package late once the program has already started prices and classes will be discussed privately through contact with any Morefit LLC representative.*

–The Bootcamp classes will end for the outdoor season October 2, 2014. Even though the program and classes have started you can still jump in and buy a package for the remainder weeks ahead–
Do you think you can handle the challenge and make a needed change?

Be Morefit & Sign Up for Bootcamp NOW!