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Another Season, Another Reason…

Oct 8th, 2016

Category: Body

Another Season, Another Reason…

Autumn is my favorite season, where we notice the earlier arrival of night and the later arrival of day, as well as considerably cooler temperatures.  Also known as Fall, it is one of the four temperate seasons.  Autumn marks the transition from Summer into Winter, which is in September in the Northern Hemisphere or in March in the Southern Hemisphere.


The word autumn comes from the ancient Etruscan root autu– and has within it connotations of the passing of the year.  It was borrowed by the neighboring Romans and became the Latin word autumnus.  Before the 16th century, harvest was the term usually used to refer toautumn this season.  (reference: Wikipedia)


Harvest comes from the Old English word hærfest, meaning “autumn” (the season) or “harvest-time.”  This also came to mean the activity of reaping, gathering, and storing grain and other grown products during the autumn.  However, as people more gradually moved from working the land to living in towns, the word harvest lost its reference to the time of year and came to refer only to the actual activity of reaping…so Autumn or Fall began to replace the word harvest as a reference to the season. (reference: Wikipedia)

treeOne of the main features of autumn is the changing color and shedding of leaves from deciduous trees and shrubs, a phenomenon commonly called Fall Foliage.  The beautiful and various shades of red, gold, orange, pink, magenta, and brown are the main reason why I love autumn, particularly here in New England.


I took all of these pictures at the Salmon River in Moodus, right by my house. I also created this rock totem as an homage to my loved ones in my favorite place.  Now is the perfect time of year to take a walk by the river and rocks
enjoy the crisper weather and lovely illustrations of Nature!


In addition to river walks, come into MoreFit here in East Haddam and experience our new group training sessions in October…Lunchtime Shred and Blast ‘n’ Trim.  We can help you keep up your activity level as the daylight hours start to fade!



Morefit, PT