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Finding Happiness
Healthy Lifestyle
Summer is here!!

May 23rd, 2015

Category: Body

Summer is here!!

Finally, the wait is over! As the sun peaks up early in the wee hours of the day and nestles into the hills much later giving us more time for activities, we get overwhelmed with excitement for our gloomy days have lengthen. Since the weather will be warming up and urge us to get outside, here are some friendly tips to staying healthy during the summer season.

When enjoying activities outside with family and friends be sure to remember your sunscreen! Vitamin D is very important to soak up but the suns UV rays are much too strong for our sensitive skin, applying sunscreen will help block the dangerous rays while still giving you glow you desire. Also it is important to apply sunscreen while enduring activities other then the beach such as gardening, pool activities, outdoor sports, lake activities, etc. Skin cancer is at an all time high currently and we have the chance to prevent further cases. Make sure to check your body for unusual moles and discoloration. If you seem at all skeptical about a certain mole, brown spot or white spot on your body seek medical attention immediately.

On lovely days, make sure you get a chance to wonder outside. We’ve been cooped up all winter long, being outside has more positive effects than just vitamin D. When we’re outside we inhale clean air rather than dust mites, we are able to see and feel nature which has numerous psychological effects on us,  along with encountering in human relations. If a gloomy day approaches don’t feel down and coop yourself up inside your home, take an adventure down to Morefit Health Club! We are currently open and running for full use of the facility, classes, massages and much more! We’ll bring your spirits up with our fun upbeat classes or maybe a calm yoga class is more your style and even if you have little ones running around bring them around to one of our mommy/daddy & me or simon says classes! Our facility is fully loaded with massage rooms, workout area, classes, great music, bathrooms with showers, and many more additions to come.

Checkus out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and our website!

https:/ instagram.com/morefitct/
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