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Massage and Growth of the Human Body.

Sep 21st, 2019

Category: Body

Massage and Growth of the Human Body.

How many times in your life have you tried to push yourself through exercise or cardio program and you felt stuck.  It was probably a soft tissue reason for myofascialthe lack of progress, and a potential one is that you haven’t been using your muscle efficiently. No matter where you are at this point with your physical movement program, just don’t give up on your progress. Massage is one of  life’s elements which can help you with your growth. Myofascial release or sports massage is not just about the feel good today factor; it also addresses how to best maintain optimal performance and prevent injury.

Good sports massage therapist knows how to use a multitude of techniques that help muscles perform optimally so they are ready for the demands of sports and movement. When you feel stuck in your progress or feel pain in your movement, you might develop some muscle imbalance. We chiropractic_myofascial_relwill look at this and determine whether you are creating a high demand for some muscles and not enough for others. This type of massage will also increase your awareness through touch. It will show you where your areas of soreness, tension and weakness are. As a result, it will help you to understand how your muscles are behaving and therefore how you might need to adjust your training. For instance, if the muscles such as hamstrings have been overdeveloped and are very short and tight, might lead to a decrease in the range of motion available to the hip and low back. This will have a knock-on effect on the other muscles, inhibiting the other structures and decreasing their ability to assist and support the movement. This will lead to less available power in the walk or run stride because the full potential of the muscle structure is not being used.

Massage will help to keep the fibers lengthened and encourage strong mobile tension in the tissue, developing a more balanced and functional movement.fascia_up_close By keeping the tissue more mobile and not allowing them to stiffen up, massage also encourages the exchange of nutrients and waste products, thereby keeping the tissue healthy. Including sports massage in your regular health program can improve your performance and keep you injury free.

I would recommend that you use massage along with your cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training, You will experience the benefits of sports/myofascial massage by having greater flexibility and range of motion, increased usage of available muscle, improved performance, improved self-awareness, functional muscle balance, improved fluid movement, pain reduction, great energy, improved recovery, injury prevention.

Sports massage/myofascial release is about treating and meeting the needs of people regardless of whether they are athletes. Anyone who has a soft tissue condition or wants to improve general well-being or health can benefit from that type of massage. Our work is about meeting the needs of our clients, so the feel good factor can last longer than a day or two.



  1. Jim Cyrul September 22, 2019 at 12:28 pm

    Greatest exercise experience I’ve had working out with Maryla’s guideness during my workout secession and Klaudia’s workout secession’s are great too, my muscles say thank you!

    • admin September 27, 2019 at 5:26 pm

      Thanks Jim! We love having you as one of our clients and we’re happy to help you with your health and wellness journey!