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Finding Happiness
Healthy Lifestyle
Keeping that vacation body on vacation!

Jul 8th, 2017

Category: Body

Keeping that vacation body on vacation!

Just because you made all that effort to look good before your big vacation trip, doesn’t mean it has to come to a screeching halt while you’re on vacation! If you put such an effort beforehand why not keep it going? Once you stop and completely let go on vacation you are risking the possibility of gaining weight back and losing your tone. Now I’m not saying you have to go crazy on your workouts like you did prior to vacationing but a little routine and light exercise will keep you looking your best from the time you arrive to paradise to the time you depart back to reality.


Reset Your Expectations- There will be a lot of activities or a lot of down time, you need to find balance. Realize that you are on vacation! Accomplishing 50-60% of what you normally do is better than nothing.


Enjoy The Little Things- When it comes to food, it’s okay to try a little of everything but don’t gorge on a specific dish. I always say, have one bite of everything this way you can say you tried something you haven’t before and by the time you’ve tried a bite of your last taste test you’ll be surprised as to how full you are. Just keep the drinking to a minimum and stay hydrated with plenty of water!


Do Your Homework- Research the areas in which you will be spending most of your time in and check researchto see if they have any fun activities going on while you are there. Including fitness activities such as rock climbing or kayaking can count as a workout for the day! No need to spend your time in a gym (well, unless you want to).


Pack It Up- Whatever you decided on doing make sure you pack for the adventure, throw in a pair of sneakers and an extra swimsuit for the pool. Be sure you are prepared for your travels so later you don’t regret your decision for leaving it behind.


Spare The Load- Separate your belongings into two separate bags or suitcases rather than lugging around one large bag. By doing so you are working your full body by dragging (on wheels) or carrying multi suitcasesyour bags. Your upper body will thank you later for the burn rather than screaming in pain for lugging around a strenuous bag on one side.


Take Some Steps- Strap on a pedometer or download an app on your phone to count your daily steps. Set a goal for yourself to reach at least 10,000 steps a day. Whether it be walking along the side of the beach or walking down to your favorite bar (for people of age), whatever the reason get those extra steps in!


Take A Detour- If you are making a road trip out of your vacation take some scenic route detours and get lost in a state park. Play a game and try to hike one state park in each state you hit, this will help you stretch your legs and catch some fresh air.kayaking


Get Adventurous- Find a local pub with a live band and dance the night away, get lost in a sunflower maze, get funky and tandem bike ride through the town, try catching some waves on a surf board or maybe jump in a

beach volleyball game. There will be tons of activities you can search in your vacation area to help you stay fit and feel great throughout your time and by participating in such activities it will release endorphins in your body, which in result will make you happy!

A man and a woman dancing argentinian tango. Focus on their hands. Please see more images from the same shoot.

Remember you’re on vacation so get out there and play!


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