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Oct 16th, 2015

Comments: Comments Off on Breast Cancer Prevention
Category: Body
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Breast Cancer Prevention

This month is breast cancer awareness month. Most of us have been affected by breast cancer in one way or another. Either someone you know has or had it; a family member, a friend or even yourself have battled or is battling this horrible disease. 1-8 women will have breast cancer at some point in […]

Oct 12th, 2014

Comments: Comments Off on 9 facts as to why you can worry less about breast cancer.
Category: Body
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9 facts as to why you can worry less about breast cancer.

The fear factor Breast pain can be scary. Your mind immediately thinks cancer, but in all likelihood, cancer is not the cause. “The important thing for patients to realize is that while it can be a sign (of cancer), it is very rare,” says Dr. Michael Cowher, a breast surgeon with Cleveland Clinic. Breast cancer rarely […]