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Who Say Aging Can’t Be Fun?

Aug 2nd, 2014

Category: Body

Who Say Aging Can’t Be Fun?

How many times have you heard the term anti-aging? I have to say I’m not fond of that description at all, for me ant-aging means anti-living. We’re all aging every second of every day – some of us on a faster track, yes, but the point is aging is as natural and healthy, as the process of birth and death. Why fight it? If we could learn how to appreciate that process and how to have a positive attitude about it, our day to day existence would have more implications and the number of age would play a different role in our lives. To have “pro-aging” and a positive approach to birthdays, we need to change our path of thinking and lifestyle. We need to set new standards for ourselves and our families.
If you celebrated or will celebrate your 40th, 50th or even 60th and 70th birthday, you should not put yourself into an anti-aging mode. Society at large may want to keep people over 40 in a box that is labeled “over the hill” or “rest and retire,” however you should be thinking that you just mastered your life and you’re just getting started. Sure, the body changes as the years pass, but does that mean loss of function and vitality?
I will tell you, no! Search the web, look around and see people who age with grace. Those people can do sit ups or get up from the floor; they can do deep, flawless squats, and balance on one leg for a minute. Clearly, they don’t need to buy a taller toilet because they have not lost the ability to move their body through space in this very important manner. Indeed, they’re just an example of many that proves aging is not necessarily a self-made prison.
If you’re in the anti-aging mode and have no idea how to switch to a pro-aging lifestyle, look for a support group and learn how to go through the process of accumulating somatic experience. No two people are exactly the same, so don’t compare yourself to others. Just learn from them on how to go through life with a positive attitude and some expectations about your body.
Do resistance and functional training, and maintain as high level of function as possible over 75. Did you know that most fractures among older adults are caused by falls? And if an older adult doesn’t fall, he or she may still deal with the fear of falling. By working with a trainer or a health coach, you will learn how to strength your muscles, improve or regain your balance, and vitality.
So the next time someone tries to convince you that a certain activity has to stop at a certain age, think about those who can squat better than most 30 year olds and be inspired by some elderly who can probably run circles around most of us. Be pro-aging in your attitude and lifestyle. Be an example every year of what it looks like to move and age with grace and gratitude.