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Whats the price of your health?

Oct 10th, 2015

Category: Body

Whats the price of your health?

It’s been a while since you got back into the gym due to summer time vacations and activities, plus lets be honest who’d want to stay indoors on a gorgeous day? As you’re looking around you notice the prices of studios and their class fee’s and start to wonder if they always have been that “high”. I’ve belonged to many gyms and I’ve worked for many gyms as well but the amount of complaints about prices has always made me laugh.

I don’t mean to come off as arrogant when I say that; what I mean is people don’t pay attention to their spending habits and on what, but when it comes to something extremely beneficial and can really effect their life for the better some become very critical with their money. Let’s start with gym fc23c35781efb9fd6fe6820c99254a84memberships; it’s a monthly payment which most gyms have reasonable prices. Say you pay roughly pay around $30 for a monthly membership, one might say that’s high but break it down, if you go every day (which you should try) during that month it comes down to a dollar a day. Now, if that includes classes great if not that’s okay too because break down the gym owners expenses. You may think that money is going straight into their pockets but you’re wrong. You pay for lights and heat in your own home, what do you think gym owners do? They have the same expenses, if not more, as you do. They pay for utilities, accommodations that might better your time spent at the gym (for example, TRX straps, dumbbells, laundry for towels, etc) and other expenses. All of these things add up, on top of paying for equipment or for other accommodations you may have requested, gym owners also have to pay their staff members from instructors, front desk h63c680153f8c7dbe2672efb82625aac9elp and the cleaning crew. Without all these components, a facility cannot run.

Again, you may be trying to add up the numbers in your head but how about you add these numbers up for me. Say you buy a coffee five days out of the week on your way to work, a coffee from dunkin or
6bad7d88b614512a65a2e9088e138666starbucks is definitely more than a dollar probably closer to five dollars depending if you requested it whipped with an extra shot of something and cream on top of it. Well, not only are you basically throwing your money in the trash you are harming your body with all those trans fats and fake chemicals. In the long run you are damaging your body more than spending an hour at the gym for a dollar. Coffee is supposed to be good for you right? Yes, only if you have a cup a day and make sure it’s black! No cream no sugar! Not a coffee drinker? Fine, if you go out on the weekends and I’m not necessarily saying you have to go out drinking but even out to eat or constantly going out to the movies. It all adds up! You can go out to the movies for $12 and sit on your bottom and gain weight or take a class at a facility for the same price and move your body to become healthier and feel better with more energy.

The thing is it’s not just about the little obvious things; it’s about the bigger bills too. Exercise lowers cholesterol, levels your blood pressure, detoxifies you, minimizes your visceral fat (the fat around your e7fca9db00adb702a4f6d1ef92211ff2organs not underneath the skin), etc. With all these benefits, it can lower your risk of a heart attack orstroke and even bone breakage (due to density) which saves you more trips to the hospital or visiting your doctor, because we all know that those bills can rack up to thousands of dollars. An ambulance ride to the hospital alone costs $500, if you have poor health insurance this can really make a dent into your financial status. I’m not sure about most of you but I’m not rolling around in money, so in my opinion the logical expense I would choose is the twenty to fifty dollars a month rather than the thousands of dollars in debt due to my lack of interest in taking care of my health. So try to get out there and look at the health clubs around you to change your life for the better, physically and financially!


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