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What actually happens during a Reiki Session?

Oct 30th, 2015

Category: Body

What actually happens during a Reiki Session?

Many of you have probably seen the recent emails or flyers we have sent out about our offering Reiki Sessions by appointment. But many of you are probably not only wondering what in the world is Reiki, but what actually happens during a Reiki Session.6f81a844c354f663b3de4d33c3941cb6

For starters, Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing that made its way over to the western world some time ago. Reiki is energy, and “ki” is specifically life force energy which is also referred to as “qi” or “prana”. Everything in the world including our own body is made of energy, and Reiki is a way of re-balancing our energy. Our vital life force energy gets depleted from stress and anxiety, bad diets and lack of exercise, recurring physical pain and emotional trauma, and even from going to the grocery store and being in contact with other peoples energy. Its hard to imagine but all of our symptoms of stress, pain, and dis-ease that we experience in our physical world are manifested from a subtle level of energy. Imagine the seed of an apple; without it, there is no apple. If the seed is really healthy, the apple will appear lush and appetizing. If the seed is unhealthy, the apple may follow suite. Energy is the seed that makes up our bodies, minds, spirits, and physical reality. If the energy in a person is off balance, so to will be that person.  Reiki is a way of balancing the energies within our bodies so that the “bad seed” becomes healthy again.

So what happens during a reiki session? The patient will lie down on a massage table, either on their bellies or back, and will find whatever position is the most comfortable and relaxing for them to be in (some people choose to sit in chairs!). A reiki practitioner might then do some breathing exercises or meditations to get both the client and practitioner calm and on the same wavelength. The Reiki practitioner will then be able to feel and sense where the clients energies are off-balance. The practitioner may do hands on or hands off treatment (whatever feels best for the client), though it is in no way necessary for the practitioner to ever have their hands on the patient because the energy is able to transfer from the practitioner’s hands to the patients body without any contact being made. The patient will begin to feel more and more relaxed as the energy begins to work its way to different parts of the body. d159a74bd4845b47d426f89c664479efSome will drift into a deep state of relaxation and meditation, while others might just fall asleep! It makes no difference because the energy works on subtle levels and does not require anything specific from the client. The more open you are as a client, the more open will be the possibilities for healing to occur. Some people will feel very relaxed and calm afterwards, while some people might be relieved of all their physical pains and ailments. Some people might even have emotional things come up that have been forgotten for some time. No matter what results you get, just know that you are getting whatever healing is right for you at this time, and it is truly you who determines that in the end.

With the busy lives we all live it is hard to sometimes take time for ourselves to heal. Our energy is constantly low and off balance and as a result we are always tired, stressed, and un-centered in our own lives. Reiki is the first step you should take to heal yourself and get your body, mind and spirit back in balance. If you are sick or in pain or stressed, all of those ailments start at the subtle level of energy. If we get our energy back in balance, we will get our lives back in balance too!