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Finding Happiness
Healthy Lifestyle
This seemed like a good idea 4 months ago!

Oct 5th, 2014

Category: Body

This seemed like a good idea 4 months ago!


Ever wonder what facing a 5k full of obstacles feels like? Well some of our staff and clients took on the Fitathlon Challenge, and since the course was not already difficult to begin with it of course needed to rain. A fitathlon challenge consisted of performing a number of calisthenics then running to obstacles which you must complete before moving on, some of these obstacles consisted of walking lunges uphill, carrying a sandbag around, bear crawls, climbing over walls, scaling the side of walls, walking across cargo nets, running with a weighted bag, flipping tractor tires, pounding weighted ropes, conquering monkey bars and much more! Not only did these challengers not shy away from the event, for some it was their first event ever and I have never seen my clients more ecstatic about anything. Everyone only had one goal in mind and that was to finish, to at least attempt all obstacles they faced that day and not be last. I could not have been anymore happier with the result of the fire burning in each of their eyes, for as they did not finish last they all had a grand time doing something out of their comfort zone and realizing new things they can enjoy in life with new people. The Fitathlon was held in Manchester at MCC, the people who came out to represent Morefit, we are so grateful to have clients and their loved ones come out and help support the cause, their family and us, Morefit, by considering us part of your family. We obtained participants from all the different levels starting from children to super competitor, which was for prize money! Our very own clients children completed the kids course in a breeze (maybe next year they’ll hang with the big dogs), our staff member, Klaudia (Personal Trainer), held in strong and came in first for beginners, three of our clients and their two loved ones stayed tough and were extremely close behind having fun battling each other, two brave female clients of ours competed in the challenger section and dominated in the rain, and last but certainly not least a clients son took home prize money by coming in second as a super competitor. I would say we had a successful day at the race and couldn’t be more proud of our clients who had no idea what they were up against but decided to take the bull by the horns and enjoy the ride. We thank you for the memories and giving us a reason for why we love doing what we do; changing people’s lives for the better. Just be Morefit.

Below are pictures from the event:

10690276_692710704157394_7198592443812048759_n IMAG4317 IMAG4324 IMAG4347 IMG_6369_2 IMG_5378_2 IMG_1015 10666088_692636007498197_7644513147043428874_n 10665242_692635007498297_5784862774862893557_n 10650005_692635570831574_8040778758111974199_n 10590610_692635567498241_8022495815897583340_n