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Finding Happiness
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the power of thought

Oct 23rd, 2015

Category: Body

the power of thought

thoughts, buddaLet’s talk about our thoughts. We all have so many thoughts throughout the day, ranging anywhere from what we need to get for groceries to what the meaning of life is. Yet no matter what your thoughts are, they are all important; they are all energy. Without getting too sciency, lets quickly break down what happens for a thought to occur. In our brain we have neurons, or brain cells. These neurons are firing at ridiculously fast rates all the time, helping to relay messages within the body. They are basically like the wires in a computer processing everything that we do and think. Every time one of these neurons fires or receives a message, a pulse of energy is released and can be measured. So every thought we have is energy.

Now here’s the thing. Remember Isaac Newton from science class? He discovered that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. That means that every thought you have exists and always exists. Even when we forget where we put our keys, that piece of information exists within you and within the world. Even though a thought has left your mind, it still exists! Its out there somewhere flying through the universe along with all the other thoughts that we have.

Now, Newton also said that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Just to clarify here, opposite does not mean opposite as we might think it does. In physics opposite simply refers to direction. If you throw a ball 10 mph at a wall (assuming that its made of bouncy material and not lead) it will bounce back at you at 10 mph. This same concept applies to our thoughts. If you send out positive, compassionate and loving thoughts and intentions, positive, compassionate and loving thoughts and intentions will come back to you.

einstein thoughts

I’m sure a lot of you have heard sayings like “we manifest our reality” or “you are what you think”, maybe some of you have even seen documentaries like the secret. While these concepts might seem bogus, I assure you they are not. I myself have watched over the past year how my thoughts manifest my reality and how when you dream of something from a place in your heart, it comes true. Now I’m not saying that if you want a new boat or house that you are going to have it just by thinking it. The universe and God and whatever feels right for you to call it supply us with what we need, and not necessarily what makes us happy in the moment. That doesn’t mean however that if something feels right in your heart that its not meant to be.

Don’t believe me? Give it a try. Try complimenting your friends and co-workers. Try sending love out even if its just something you do with your Thoughts. Watch and see how they will start to send love back to you. Also try manifesting the things your heart TRULY desires. Think about them with love, and maybe even try making a manifestation board with pictures. Our thoughts are so much more powerful than we can even begin to understand, but just remember, our thoughts are energy, and they are the same energy that came from the big bang and from God, Spirit and Source when the universe was made.

Love and Light,