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Finding Happiness
Healthy Lifestyle
The Everyday Hero in Us:

Nov 5th, 2016

Category: Healthy Lifestyle

The Everyday Hero in Us:

Have you ever seen a random stranger provide some sort of small or large act of kindness? In that very moment, did it put a smile on your face to the point you questioned why there are not more people like this in the world. Research has proven that performing such small acts of kindness actually has positive health benefits on you. As a result not only are you improving your health you are making this world a better place!


Here are three ways to simply better your life…

Help a neighbor with some groceries,  a study asked people to do three good deeds a day whether it be helping with groceries, picking up coffee for a friend, or paying a compliment, the results showed as followed 94 percent of participants showed decreases in depressive symptoms. It is proven that random acts of kindness evoke positive thoughts, and are an easy solution to squash negative feelings.

Choose a charity, volunteering on a regular basis could lower your risk of hypertension by 40 percent, according to a new study from Carnegie Mellon University. The research found a 22 percent decrease in hypertension risk in people who volunteered about 2 hours a week. Charity work provides social connections that may otherwise be missed with a busy schedule, says study author Rodlescia Sneed, M.P.H. Research shows those connections are crucial for psychological and physical well-being.

A simple hello will do, Purdue University researchers found that failing to draw eye contact from someone (even a total stranger) can trigger feelings of social isolation and low self-confidence. Humans are social by nature, and it’s well established that a sense of belonging is a fundamental human need, says study author Eric Wesselmann, Ph. D. A simple acknowledgement from a friend or stranger is enough to give your psyche with the social boost it craves. So text your friends, call your dad, or smile at a stranger, chances are they will grin back, and you’ll feel better too.