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Mar 22nd, 2019

Comments: Comments Off on Busting Fitness Myths!
Category: Body
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Busting Fitness Myths!

Fitness myths typically start with a grain of misunderstanding and tend to spiral into questionable rationales and guidance with unfounded claims. Here are a few of the most popular myths those of us in the health and fitness industry battle to bust: The Fitness Myth: Abdominal crunches will give you a six-pack. The Truth is: […]

Aug 26th, 2017

Comments: Comments Off on Drop it Like it’s Hot!!
Category: Body
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Drop it Like it’s Hot!!

While there are a number of different methods that can help promote muscle growth and increases in muscle definition, one of the most effective methods is called drop-setting. *Bodybuilders have used this technique for years for one reason…it works.  According to Arnold’s Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding, the drop-set method was originally “discovered” in 1947 by Henry Atkins, editor […]

Feb 25th, 2017

Comments: Comments Off on The Good, the Bad, and the Salt
Category: Body
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The Good, the Bad, and the Salt

Salt has been given a bad rap in the last few decades.  However, the public is more recently hearing about how it is actually a vital part of our diets, especially for athletes.   Ingesting too much salt has been associated with high blood pressure, which can damage the heart and blood vessels and increase […]

Nov 28th, 2015

Comments: Comments Off on Post Thanksgiving Class Calendar!
Category: Body
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Post Thanksgiving Class Calendar!

Take note that this Friday is your last chance to take Mat Pilates with Kate! Unfortunately we must say goodbye to our beloved actress and wish her well in her future performances, we hope to see her back at Goodspeed Theater and Morefit for more fun soon! Another change in the schedule is Jane’s Step […]

Jun 29th, 2014

Comments: Comments Off on Challenger Winner!!
Category: Body
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Challenger Winner!!

Congratulations to our first place winner Karen for her hard work and dedication to getting fit! A total of 8 pounds lost and 2% body fat! What a great accomplishment, just goes to show if a working mother with two toddlers can conquer her obstacles in life so can you! With such great success we’ve […]

Feb 1st, 2014

Comments: Comments Off on Are You At Risk of Having High Blood Pressure?!
Category: Body
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Are You At Risk of Having High Blood Pressure?!

High blood pressure—also known as hypertension—is a condition that increases the risk for heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, coronary heart disease, and other serious health problems. Blood pressure is the force of blood pushing against the inside walls of arteries. The harder your heart pumps and the narrower your arteries are, the higher your blood […]