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Finding Happiness
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Dec 31st, 2016

Comments: Comments Off on Health Benefits of reflection and gratitude
Category: Body
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Health Benefits of reflection and gratitude

Tis’ the season! Another year coming to the end, another holiday season showed up on our life’s front steps. Looks like we all getting mature in some sense – physical, emotional, spiritual and we know, we need to make more or different resolutions and plans for our upcoming year. However, not all understand that without […]

Sep 11th, 2015

Comments: Comments Off on The Importance of Form
Category: Body
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The Importance of Form

So you’ve been working really hard at the gym. Running on the treadmill, strength training, lifting weights. Everything you’re suppose to do right? But you’re either not noticing any improvement or you find yourself getting injured. What gives? Don’t worry, you’re not alone, this is a big issue with the majority of the population working […]

Dec 20th, 2013

Comments: Comments Off on New Year New Resolution!
Category: Body
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New Year New Resolution!

  Another year has passed and resolutions were made, conquered, broken, repeated, attempted, you name it but can you say you’ve successfully stuck to yours? It’s okay to fall off the wagon just as long as you have the motive to get back on! Don’t dread making a resolution for the year, make it fun […]