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Mar 3rd, 2018

Comments: Comments Off on To detox or not to detox?
Category: Body
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To detox or not to detox?

When the liver is overwhelmed, and fat soluble toxins accumulate in fat, they generate more fat. Detox’s help rid these toxins from the body, there are two types of detox’s – short and long.   Short Detox should not last more than 3 days where as a long detox is part of a healthy lifestyle […]

Nov 28th, 2015

Comments: Comments Off on Tis the influenza season!
Category: Body
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Tis the influenza season!

Tis the season, the flu season that is. I have been asked by many if I have received the flu shot for this year, I just smiled at them and replied no. I tend to shock people with my response because in my opinion I do not believe in flu vaccinations. It is just a […]