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Our body is about 70-80% water.

Jul 13th, 2013

Category: Nutrition

Our body is about 70-80% water.


Our body is about 70-80% water. That’s the base of who you are and how healthy you are. You probably had been lead to believe that consuming drinks containing water is the same as drinking water itself-not so! When things are put into water to make them into some other drink, it changes how the water reacts in the body. If you take good water from a clean well or an uncontaminated stream, it will be alkaline, that means it contains electrons available for your body to use in its metabolism. However, if you put chlorine and/or fluoride in it, it becomes acidic. Anything that is acidic is an electron taker. Anything that is alkaline is an electron donor. Drinking acidic water steals electrons from your cells and damages them. Drinking water that has been made into carbonated beverages is drinking acid that is so concentrated, that you can use it to clean the grease off your engine or clean out your toilet. Can that possibly be good for you?  Stay hydrated by clean water and don’t forget to replenish your body with it every day.