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Finding Happiness
Healthy Lifestyle
Stress 101 and how to manage!

Feb 10th, 2018

Category: Body

Stress 101 and how to manage!

Can You Relate?

76% of us are stressed about money
-In fact it is the number one reported cause of stress.

70% say our jobs are too stressful
-And we spend more time working than anything else.

55% of us experience stress in our relationships
-Spouses, kids, co-workers & others.

52% of us feel stressed about personal health concerns
-Many of these could be caused by stress in the first place!

69% of our parents say our stress doesn’t affect our kids
-91% of our kids say otherwise.

Most common reported physical symptoms of stress are:
-Sleep trouble (40%), Irritability (45%), Fatigue (41%), & Lack of motivation (38%)

Your Brain Stressed:

-Powerful hormones like cortisol and adrenaline are prepping your body to fight, flee, or freeze. If they continue being released, they start to damage your brain, heart and other organs.

-Under chronic stress, parts of the brain actually shrink and atrophy.

-Negative thoughts start to kill off neurons, and your mood becomes depressed, foggy, sluggish, and anxious.

-Decision-making, reason and judgment are shut down. The oldest, most reflexive structures in the brain are in control now.

Your Brain Relaxed:

-Powerful neurochemicals dopamine and serotonin flood the brain, providing an unshakable sense of well-being, peace, and confidence and yes, happiness!

-Your oxygen levels rise, your heart and breathing rates become lower.

-The parts of the brain responsible for creativity, reason, good decision making, and problem-solving are now fully active and available to help you make the most out of your life.

-Human growth hormone is released in the body in order to heal cell damage and remove free radicals caused by prolonged exposure to stress.

Here’s How You Can Lower Stress & Relax.

-Science has proven that meditation is extremely beneficial for the brain and body.

-Laugh with others. Studies show happy people are more resilient.

-Exercise and play keep you fit, engaged, and active while lowering stress levels.

-Find positive things to focus on. Optimism changes your brain!

About Meditation:
Perhaps even more than exercise, a daily 20-minute meditation practice can give you a better perspective, reduce harmful stress chemicals in your brain, improve your immune system, and raise your overall sense of well-being. Coupled with healthy eating and exercise, you’ll be unstoppable!

Train Your Brain:
You can teach your brain to stop the stress response, and immediately trigger your body’s natural relaxation response. There really is no reason to live dangerous levels of stress. You can enjoy the benefits of deep relaxation any time you want by training your brain to go there right now!

Source: Yahoo Health