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National Small Business Weekend!

Nov 22nd, 2013

Category: Uncategorized

National Small Business Weekend!


Around this time of year it’s much harder for small businesses to stay a float due to the holiday season. Usually around the holidays, big businesses such as Walmart, Stop and Shop, and Starbucks are the go to stores for many reasons. Holiday shopping for the best prices, need to put dinner on the table your go to would be Stop and Shop, need a pick me up grab a coffee at Starbucks. Small Businesses tend to get neglected and have a hard time keeping their business open.

I challenge you this weekend to stop and help out our local small businesses and all they have to offer! This weekend we are celebrating small businesses nation wide. We have asked these small business owners to promote special sales and deals to customers, to promote american made products, and to help the unemployed by offering positions in their business. 


Before you go out and shop for groceries, stop by your local farms to see what fresh foods and deals they have to offer. Local organic is much better than large super market foods. Before you travel down the isle of Walmart looking for the right gifts, check out your local stores to see a better selection of deals and more unique gifts that no one will have a duplicate of. If you need that pick me up try a local coffee shop, guarantee their coffee would taste fresher and more original than any Starbucks can offer.

So I leave you with this,

Shop Small.


Small Business Awareness Weekend.