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Finding Happiness
Healthy Lifestyle
This is your moment, live in the now!

Dec 9th, 2017

Category: Body

This is your moment, live in the now!

“The best years of your life are the ones in which you decide your problems are your own. You do not blame them on your mother, the ecology, or the president. You realize that you control your own destiny” – Albert Ellis

Anyone’s path is not an easy one however, when one practices patience and trust the process, then one can live happy. Health, peace of mind and balance are very important elements of life’s course and each of us are responsible for a steady progress on their own. We all dream about ageing slowly, stay strong and healthy till we die. We dream … and then we allow ourselves to be pulled into life’s daily rush. We stress too much, we eat too much, we abuse our body, mind and spirit too much. Then we look back into the years which passed and we realize that there is no one to blame for our unhappiness except ourselves.

Treat your road blocks and slowdowns as a point in which you can recover your energy. Continue your path of life with a plan. Don’t forget when you arrive at the zero point, you will have time to rethink your life. Maybe you need guidance, maybe you just need to remind yourself to go back to your healthier lifestyle, either way you will have many great years in your future if you trust the process. What is the process, you ask? You probably know that I’ll tell you to eat healthy, exercise daily, take care of your physical body through manual therapy. Yes, that would be all true, and I have one more for you; you need to learn how to relax. Your physical body will scream at you out loud with all types of illnesses if you don’t learn how to relax your mind and don’t learn how to connect your body, mind and spirit together. You can learn this connection only through meditation, being in the moment. Regular contemplation time will teach you that.

How many times during the week you were just with yourself? How many times have you listened to your breathing and try to understand the pathway your breath is taking? How many times were you able to connect your breath with every cell in your body? If you’ve been practicing this on a regular basis – congratulation! You already grasp awareness of life’s development. If not, make this your new habit. Start with two to five minutes of quiet time every morning or evening. Lay down flat on your back and just concentrate on your breath. Imagine your breath taking path through your nasals to your lunges and then imagine your blood cells traveling through every tiny cell of your physical body. Feel your energy in every tiny cell. Two to five minutes of this exercise will allow you to properly distribute your energy through your body. You will learn how to connect your mind and body together. After a few weeks take more steps towards that connection and start practicing yoga. Dedicate one hour a week for a yoga/stretch session. Practicing stretches on regular basis allows the body to move freely. Connective tissue has more elasticity and blood cells can travel without restraint. Practicing yoga will allow you to regain balance in your muscle’s tissue and will allow you to understand the function of your joints. All of this will lead to healthier organs in your body and of course to a healthier brain. The older you get, the more of this you’ll need to practice and stay in the process.

How long ago have you played with a toddler? Have you noticed how much in the moment they are? Have you noticed how limber they are? When you have a chance, absorb that energy and your spirit will sense joy. You’ll be filled with positive energy which will help you to age in good health. Just remember, everything starts with a moment when you realize how to be with yourself. Focus on your strength, and positive energy. Recognize that your life is lived in the moment, a work in progress.

Wish you a wonderful, live in the moment, year.

Maryla Radziszewski, Health Coach, LMT, CPT