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Finding Happiness
Healthy Lifestyle
Health Benefits of reflection and gratitude

Dec 31st, 2016

Category: Body

Health Benefits of reflection and gratitude

Tis’ the season! Another year coming to the end, another holiday season showed up on our life’s front steps. Looks like we all getting mature in some sense – physical, emotional, spiritual and we know, we need to make more or different resolutions and plans for our upcoming year. However, not all understand that without reflection on the past we cannot move forward. Not all understand that life is not linear, life is never ending movement of energy. That means, if we want to grow more mature and healthy, we cannot see life us a simple past, simple present and future only. Sometimes we need to look to the sides also, especially to the sides we are pulled the most. What or who is pulling you out of your chosen path? Have you chose that path yourself or that was chosen for you and you never had chance to voice your opinion? You can ask yourself so many questions regarding your fluid past, and some answers will come easy and make sense, some won’t be logical. Base on your answers, you will try to make a plans for your upcoming future. None of us make plans to be sick, broken and sad. We all envision our future as paradise, and that’s where our problem starts. No, I don’t mean to be pessimistic here. That’s not my nature at all however, if I want to be healthy I need to remember to be realistic and remember to be present every day. I need to learn how to accept situations, people and their energy which pulls me out of my chosen path. By understanding and accepting that phenomena, my life’s energy will be more synchronize with others. That’s mean I won’t ask myself question of the type-why my life is not so spectacular? Where is my earthy paradise? Without looking into only negative past and trying to correct future, with acceptance and understanding the present, our mind, spirit and physical health will glow.

The basic of our physiological life is our ability to breath. With every conscious breath taken we can fill our physical body with oxygen. Oxygen is absolutely essential for the health of cells. In 1966 the Nobel Prize winner Otto Warburg demonstrated that the key condition for the formation of cancer is lack of oxygen at the cellular level. To make sure your body has enough of that essential, healthy gas, you need to learn how to meditate. How to be grateful for every second and ability to breath. Why is so important to know how to reflect and be appreciative? Because only then you inhale oxygen slower, you calm your mind and you fill every cell of your body with life’s energy. Deep, meditative breathing increase oxygen intake and provide your body with more vital energy. Promotes digestion and stimulates metabolism also.

Conscious thought occurs when blood cells transport oxygen and glucose to the brain. Hold your breath, what happens? You lose consciousness. The universe does not make mistakes, everything in the universe serves a purpose. Everything we know is a part of the universe. This includes you and me. This includes all energy within us and outside of us. So, when the energy of others pulls you out of your chosen path to the side, concentrate on your breath same way as you would reflect on your past. Be grateful that someone’s energy can synchronize with yours and welcome life’s movements because only then you can avoid stagnation. Don’t fight, don’t be negative, just breath and accept. Reflect and understand that life gave you an opportunity to add more energy and grow, by way of that you will become healthier and stronger.

In your New Year resolutions don’t forget to include time for mindful reflection on every day. You’ll need just few minutes at the end of every day to stop, reflect, consciously breath and say thank you. I can assure you, next day you’ll wake up with positive attitude and you will feel closer to your paradise.

Wish you the best in 2017!

Maryla Radziszewski, Health Coach, LMT, CPT

Morefit, LLC