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Finding Happiness
Healthy Lifestyle
Happy Father’s Day!

Jun 18th, 2016

Category: Body

Happy Father’s Day!

This Sunday is Father’s Day and with it brings a great opportunity for us all to reflect on the importance fathers have in all of our lives. Fathers are the seed givers, and they help us all grow and learn in so many ways. Father’s day will hopefully be a day of family, fun, and relaxation. So, going with that, it is extremely important for fathers to relax and to learn to loosen up! Doing so will help keep up the health and positive attitude that is needed to keep our fathers doing what they do best!f59e5d05431ed4ad8bf9d9dcaad475fd

For many people (and not just men) it can be extremely difficult to relax, especially if they are used to going and working and not-stopping all week. So, how exactly do we relax?

The first suggestion would be to do a hobby that helps us relax and sharing it with others, just so long as it does not cause any stress to us! Going out in nature, sitting in the sun, going for walks, smelling the roses and taking time to just be still and sit are all excellent ways to incorporate some much needed relaxation time. It is also extremely important to unplug from all of our devices, if not for the whole day then at least for a couple of hours. Many people are unaware of how nice it can be to just leave the phone inside for the day, and the freedom that comes from just being here in the present now, with friends and family.

Another important tool that can be implemented by many men is to embrace their feminine energy! It may be hard for some of the men out there to embrace this but we all have feminine energy and we all need it in order to exist. Because of cultural expectations men are taught to be tough and strong and rigid, and as a result forget what its like to be loving and free and creative. So, perhaps take fathers day as a way to embrace the feminine potential in all of us. Find a way to be creative and expressive, allow yourself to pamper yourself (perhaps with a massage or day of rest), dance, laugh, and allow yourself to be vulnerable d054cb5c751dfeb53779d6f64a5a3530and loving! If relaxing is something that does not come natural to you then find an outlet that will help you do so. Try a guided meditation or taking a yoga class. You might just be amazed at how relaxed you can get!

The sun in our sky represents the masculine energy and thus provides the light and seed that allows life to grow on our mother earth (i.e. feminine energy). Both are essential for us to live and grow and prosper in this life! Even the two hemispheres in our brain correlate to masculine and feminine energy, the left side being masculine and thus logistical and orderly, while the right side is feminine and creative and free-thinking. Again, neither side is better than one the other, and if both sides can work together in harmony we may just find ourselves being much happier and productive human beings!

Happy fathers day to all the dads and families, and regardless of who are where you are in your life, allow yourself to relax and take care of yourself!