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Exercise and Injury

Jun 24th, 2013

Category: Body

Exercise and Injury


To avoid common injuries associated with exercises break your sessions into smaller, more frequent increments. Gradually increase the amount that you’re working out – and the intensity level – on a week-to-week basis. The most common workout injury is muscle strain, but chronic tendonitis and ruptures of the Achilles tendon also result from intense exercise spurts.

Here are some tips to avoid injuries when exercising:

Do a warm-up, like walking or biking at a moderate pace, or doing lunges and shoulder circles. Don’t stretch until your muscles are warmed up. After a workout, cool down gradually, and then stretch your muscles.

Sore muscles are normal after an intense workout, but if you feel sharp or stabbing pain, stop exercising immediately. Apply ice and visit your doctor if the pain doesn’t go away after a few days.

Use proper techniques when you’re working out. To learn about the safest ways to exercise, talk with a trainer about your favourite activity.