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Detox to a healthier life

Sep 19th, 2015

Category: Body

Detox to a healthier life

As you live your life, many people are not aware of the toxins that are exposed to the body as well as absorbed into the body. We go through our daily routines of staying healthy by exercise and eating right, keeping our bodies and clothes clean, and simply enjoying the little things life has to offer. What most people don’t realize that even though you are doing all the right things, toxins still get into your system 350e40bf712f3d71f9a11aed0aba36b8which later can alter a lot of hormones and natural chemicals in your body. A good amount of our health issues come from unknown toxins in our body that are altering our natural organism and hindering their purpose in our bodies.


I’m not saying that you will have to end up giving up your lifestyle to live in a bubble; there are a few things you can do to help minimize the toxins exposed to you and learn the importance of detox, how long and often you should detox your body and how to detox your body.


In our everyday living we use products purchased from the supermarket not thinking how harmful it can actually be towards us. These products are supposed to have chemicals to get the job done, right? No, these fecbf551fa1a97cc280cbea530857988chemicals made in labs that are supposed to help us with cleaning or growing are actually harmful to us. Here are a few general everyday elements to take in consideration:

  • Household products, including cleansers, bleaches, ammonia cleaners, and “air fresheners” that contain powerful chemicals.
  • Personal care products often contain unsafe compounds. These include some lotions, make-up, nail polish, shampoo, deodorant, mouthwash, hair spray, etc.
  • Your lawn. Putting pesticides or herbicides on your lawn can make it healthier and nicer-looking, but the treatments that kill bugs and weeds can harm your cells too.
  • Your work environment. This can include fumes from gasoline, diesel fuel, paint, thinners, industrial cleaners and such, along with seemingly harmless gases from new carpeting, furniture, etc.
  • These chemicals mimic estrogen in the body and can throw hormone levels out of balance. They are found in plastic packaging, Styrofoam, some cleaning products and lawn treatments, cosmetics, meat, etc.
  • Artificial chemicals, including colorings, flavorings and preservatives
  • Medicines such as hormones, acid blockers and antibiotics
  • Polluted environments (air, water, strong chemicals and fumes, etc.)


Now as I mentioned before this does not mean you have to live in a bubble but there are ways to change your lifestyle for a better healthier life. These chemicals that have been created to “help” us or make our lives easier have not been around forever, so at some point way in the past they had to use other c0f3e44c68b72ca2b6b3b7bc82004a9ecompounds to help them receive the same results. Luckily we have a lot more resources to rely on to help us cleanse our bodies and our lives. The internet is full of information, a well known website Pintrest holds the trophy for DIY ideas. On this site you can search organic ways to make your own household products from shampoos to air fresheners. If making your own products is not for you then take a trip to Trader Joe’s or Wholefoods, these companies are known for their organic products. I understand your argument of organic products being more expensive but your argument is invalid here. How so? Would you rather spend an extra dollar here or there on products that are not harmful to you or spend thousands of dollars on doctor visits and chemo sessions later in life? Because that’s what will happen if you keep exposing your body to these unknown chemicals, our bodies can only with stand so much till they reach their breaking point and give up on fighting unknown toxins.


To learn how to detox your body, how often and how to keep your body strong and healthy with certain foods, come down to Morefit Health Club for our detox workshop with our Health Coach Maryla. More information posted below along with this weeks class schedule!

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