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Finding Happiness
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Daily Fitness and Self-Care: How to Balance Them Both

Sep 13th, 2019

Category: Body

Daily Fitness and Self-Care: How to Balance Them Both

Photo by Pixabay


Jennifer McGregor



Daily exercise is essential for everyone, but it can be difficult to balance getting in a workout with finding ways to feel good mentally and emotionally. With work, school, and family to worry about, many Americans stress about finding time for it all. That stress, when coupled with other stressors in your life, can lead to anxiety or depression and can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Unfortunately, this can have many different effects on your life, from work performance to relationships, so it’s a good idea to balance your physical, mental, and emotional needs.


Fortunately, there are several things you can do to focus on your body and mind at the same time. Exercise in itself is a great way to get fit while boosting your mood and self-esteem, but when you partner a workout with a relaxing or fun activity — such as swimming or playing a sport — you’re ensuring that your focus is on all of your needs at once.


Keep reading for some great tips on how to balance daily fitness and self-care.


Try Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises are a great way to calm down, relax, or unwind after a big workout. They allow you to clear your mind and prepare yourself for the next step, whether it’s workout-related or simply a way to destress during a hectic workday. These exercises are great because they can be done anywhere and are a perfect way to take a small time out when you really need one.



Yoga is a wonderful way to stay fit without pushing your body too hard. In fact, it’s been utilized by seniors and those with mobility issues because it’s so easy to change to an individual’s specific needs. For instance, you can do yoga in the water or with a chair to enhance stability and prevent accidents. If you’re going to a drop-in yoga class, prices can vary greatly at anywhere from $10 to $30 a class. It’s also easy to bring your mental and physical health needs together in one exercise, as meditation helps you relax, reduce stress, and learn mindfulness — the ability to focus on the moment rather than worry about the past or future.


Fit Fun Into Your Workout

Looking for ways to have fun while you work out will help you stay motivated with your exercise routine and elevate your mood at the same time, so think about the things you like to do. Playing a sport, going hiking, swimming, and taking dance lessons (private lessons usually run between $50 and $85 an hour) are just a few of the best ways you can have a blast while staying fit. It also helps if you have a friend or loved one along with you, so ask the person you enjoy spending time with the most to join in the fun!


Put in a Home Gym

Of course, instead of spending money on private lessons or gym memberships, you could take some of that cash and put it toward a home gym. You don’t need a lot to get started — hand weights and resistance bands will do just fine in the beginning. However, eventually, you might discover you need more gear and equipment. If you need to expand your space or make it more user-friendly, bring in a handyman to tackle any projects that are out of your wheelhouse; in Middletown, contractors tend to charge between $217 and $824. Chances are, that’s a lot less than a year’s worth of private lessons!


Take a Time Out

Taking time for yourself each day to focus on exercise is, in itself, a form of self-care. It’s a way of reaffirming that you’re worth a little effort, a way to treat your mind and body to the things it needs to feel good. Even if it’s only 15 or 20 minutes per day, that time is yours, so fill it with something you enjoy doing, and make a conscious decision to put down your phone so you can give all your attention to the moment.


If your muscles are feeling sore after a workout, try healing them naturally with CBD oil. Research shows it may help speed up the post-recovery process (and it may even be beneficial for those with anxiety and depression). Talk to your doctor if you’re considering this product; once you have their approval, look up the best CBD oils on the market.


Working daily fitness and self-care into your schedule doesn’t have to be stressful. Think about the best ways to help yourself feel good every day, and talk to your loved ones so they can help, whether it’s by giving you time to yourself or joining you in a fun activity. With a little preparation, you can learn to balance everything you need.