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Body therapy 101: Massage and the effect

Aug 8th, 2015

Category: Body

Body therapy 101: Massage and the effect

When people think of massages they think of spa, slide and glide, massages and how relaxing they are. Also many people think a massage is more of a luxury, something that may cost them an arm and a leg. Most people are forgetting that there are multiple different types of massages such as therapeutic or sports c285d60b06eee8244010b7257afbea94related. These types of massages target more problem areas that you may be experiencing, such as specific areas of the body that are tight or sore and may be very difficult for you to live your everyday life with.


Alright I may be a personal trainer and know a little about the body but I am no where close to knowing how each and every single muscle in our body works. I mean come on, there are 640 muscles in our body and massage therapist must learn each and every muscle; its function, how to manipulate it, how each and every muscle connects with one another and if one were to strain which other muscles are affected by it. This is why I stress the fact that massages should be a regular regiment in your life such as many others things like exercise and socializing.


Research has shown that massages decrease muscle tension, increases circulation and calms the nervous system. The result is a cascade of physical and mental benefits that can help alleviate a wide variety of conditions. Massage can help with:

  • Stress
  • Tight and painful muscles
  • Post-exercise soreness
  • Pain or tingling in your arms or legs
  • Injuries
  • Secondary Pain
  • Injury prevention
  • Pain or restriction in joints
  • Fluid retention
  • Postural problems
  • The ill effects of restricted activity
  • Increases flexibility and helps restore mobility
  • Helps correct posture
  • Supports efficient breathing
  • Promotes restful sleep
  • Increases body awareness


With all these benefits of something so simple and natural, how can you deny yourself of a massage to balance yourself out? When I train my clients I realize how hard I push them and how they cannot d13082780112747c2c14ef99d288a8bcaccomplish certain exercises correctly due to the fact that their whole body is just one big knot. With this, you hinder your life and activities because you believe that you are no longer physically capable of accomplishing tasks. WRONG! I send my clients constantly to yoga classes and to a massage therapist because the fascia in our bodies needs to be released in order for it to work properly again. Think of our bodies as sand paper, the more you use it the more wear and tear you put on it making it almost impossible to be efficient in its job.


Society has manipulated our minds to make us think that if we have any sort of issues with our body than we should see a specialist such as a doctor, but the problem with that is the doctor will prescribe you pills or a cortisone shot. In reality those are just short term fixes with long-term negative effects on the body due to chemicals. Possibly one in five doctors would prescribe you to go the natural route and fix your problems with holistic medicine such as massage. Massage can replenish your energy and reward your perseverance. You may find that regular massage even boosts your performance, keeping you injury free and at your peak. With its marvelous abilities to relieve pain and tension, speed healing and increase your energy and vitality, massage can be a lifetime ally in maintaining your ongoing good health.


Book your next massage with Maryla at Morefit and start to feel the changes in your body for the better!8046ae8179b75dc20759be91b6026608




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