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Birth Doula Service Personalized prenatal, Labor and Postpartum Support

MoreFit is excited to be offering birth doula services!

Doulas continue to be widely recognized for the positive effects they have on the laboring individual, their partners and their babies. Studies show that births attended by doulas generally have a reduction in medical intervention and improved birth outcomes. Doulas help empower birthing families to make informed choices regarding their birth, and support them in whatever they choose.

Diane and Beth, our birth doulas at MoreFit, strive to meet the informational, emotional and physical needs of their clients. They are passionate about making a positive impact on the birthing experiences of those in their communities.

These are some ways a labor support specialist can bolster your birth experience…

· Provide evidence based information to promote informed choices, address clients fears and concerns, and encourage overall awareness during the birthing process
· Review or help write birth plan/wishes/preferences
· Discuss a plan for nutrition and exercise in pregnancy and postpartum
· Attend a medical appointment or class with client if desired
· Explore pain relief and comfort measures using simple positioning, positions with a birth ball and/or rebozo and assisted squats—explore these positions during prenatal visits to familiarize for labor
· Use counter pressure during contractions to ease pain
· Guide partner to provide the best support they can to laboring individual
· Promote relaxation and calm in birthing room

Contact us to book a free consultation, or to hear more!