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Are You Up For The Challenge?!

Jul 13th, 2014

Category: Body

Are You Up For The Challenge?!

We had such a great turn out on our very first Bootcamp class! So proud of all the challengers who came out and pushed themselves over their imaginable limits and worked up a sweat! Contact one of our Morefit representatives to join our class and challenge yourself like you never thought you could before! Here is a sneak peak of our challengers performing highknees along with one of our great personal trainers encouraging them to push harder!


Here is some information about our Bootcamp class and how you can join!
Classes will begin on time no exceptions! We will not be giving a 5 minute window for the stragglers so prepare to be 5 minutes early to each class!
Classes will be held every:
Thursday at 6 pm
Saturday at 7:30 am
(Rain or shine unless severe thunderstorm/down pours, rain dates will be discussed)
-Members of Morefit LLC
1 x week for 11 weeks = $44
2 x week for 11 weeks = $88
1 x week for 11 weeks = $88
2 x week for 11 weeks = $176
($10 for drop in per class)
*If you choose to buy a package late once the program has already started prices and classes will be discussed privately through contact with any Morefit LLC representative.*
Do you think you can handle the challenge? Just be MoreFit.