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Finding Happiness
Healthy Lifestyle
Adventure Awaits!

Aug 7th, 2016

Category: Body

Adventure Awaits!

Maryla Radziszewski, and her trusty body guard husband, have finally arrived in the beautiful Rio De Janeiro, Brazil! These next couple of days are going to be long; filled with adventure and new sights to see as well as working side by side with the best athletes in the world to compete for gold! After a 13938421_1080385168723277_2451935249211534559_nVERY long 10 hour direct flight to Rio, you can see Maryla is exhausted but WOW does she still glow with excitement! Once landed, they rented a car to start their journey to the flat Maryla and Kris are renting for the time being. While driving they took some photos of the town, in amazement, Maryla and Kris were able to grab photos showing the different parts of the town. After slightly exploring the town, Maryla went to check in and pick up her uniform! Red is her color! Day one is now behind them and they couldn’t be happier to put their feet up and relax with a gorgeous view of city and mountains. 13882459_1080747902020337_9181685077539711701_nWe wish them a wonderful time and await to hear updates of this once in a lifetime experience!13925210_1080747865353674_4731346067278213981_n 13938504_1080747922020335_7694870945178474886_n 13912564_1080747812020346_505000096901895121_n 13895459_1080747795353681_1440484539290756213_n13876294_1080747945353666_6285405521558746873_n