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Finding Happiness
Healthy Lifestyle
A Time To Give Thanks

Nov 22nd, 2013

Category: Uncategorized

A Time To Give Thanks


It’s that time of year again, the holidays are approaching! This can mean one of many things and that would be all the delightful meals that will be coming your way. Even though it is the holidays, that should not be an excuse to let yourself go and ruin the one place you have to live; your body. As we all know, summer bodies are created in the depths of winter. To help you through this holiday season, especially one to put you in a food coma, here are a few tips and tricks to stay motivated and conscious about what you put into your body.

Thanksgiving is a time for families to come together and spend time together over football, entertainment, and of course great food! When living a healthy lifestyle the holidays may seem tough for many but there is nothing to stress over when it comes to eating and the holidays. Everyone enjoys hearing good news, well let me tell you a little secret; this holiday season you can have your cake and eat it too! How? It’s all about portion control and a few tricks up your sleeve to surviving the massive amounts of food that will be brought your way!

Here are 5 tricks to enjoy all of thanksgiving has to offer!


Spoil your appetite: Fasting all day just to savor the big meal is a big no-no! By doing so you are more prone to gorging on a very large meal that may contain up to 1500 calories depending on sauces you use to the amount of carbohydrates on your plate. Then afterwards desert comes out, which a small piece alone can contain 300 calories. This consumption of food is much too large in one sitting, it is better to munch throughout the day before your thanksgiving dinner therefore you do not overflow your plate with calories. So go ahead and have that cereal for breakfast and maybe the fruit salad for snack till the big feast!


Sample everything:

Yes that’s right, I challenge you to try all the dishes thanksgiving has to offer. There is a catch though! Do not take a normal portion of each dish you normally would take, instead try taking just 3 tablespoons of each variety of dishes for SAMPLING. This way you get to try everything and your plate will fill up faster than you think. Another skinny tip, try grabbing a smaller plate is possible; psychologically fooling yourself you have a lot of food making you feel fuller.

Eat Slowly:

Take your time in between bites and put down your fork. What’s the rush? Thanksgiving is a time to spend with your family and friends, so sit back take a few bites and enjoy the company and conversation of the people around you. A plus to this is that you will also savor your food more!


Split Dessert:

I know, I know, dessert is one of the best meals of the holidays but your body will thank you later. Desserts are usually full of unwanted sugars and flour, a normal cut portion can contain up to 550 calories or more! By splitting your dessert not only will you cut the calories but you wont have a bigger energy crash from the sugar afterwards; maybe in doing so a family member will thank you later as well!


Drink Plenty of Water: Water is a very essential mineral that our body needs to function, it can also help you control your portions better! By drinking plenty of water throughout the day and more with meals it will help you feel fuller faster making you not wanting to go back for seconds. Water is also a great detox for your body, add some lemon for taste and watch as it cleanses the toxins out of your body!

As you sit around your table this thanksgiving exchanging what you are most thankful for, remember to give thanks to your body by treating it well with the foods that you consume.

Happy Thanksgiving from the moreFIT LLC Family!